Harmful materials in your computer

What you don’t know can harm you!

harmful-materials-in-your-computerProperly disposing of your computer is vital so that the harmful materials in your computer are disposed of in a safe way.

There are many harmful materials in your computer, 5 of which we’ll be going through.

5 Harmful material in your computer


1) Chromium

Chromium is the first of the harmful materials in your computer. This material is widely used as a protecting layer of all metal plates, and it can be found in the computer housing and all other things like relays, switchers and circuit board. The main purpose of chromium is to protect all metal pieces from corrosion and to harden them as much as possible.

If not disposed of properly, Chromium can cause DNA damage. Some of the most dangerous health complication are livers and kidney problems, which might happen if chromium gets in your blood.

 2) Beryllium

This substance can be found on computer motherboards and almost all connectors.

Approximately 35 micrograms of beryllium is found in the human body, but this amount is not considered harmful.

If you inhale high concentration of beryllium, this can lead to very serious pulmonary illness that is known as beryllioisis.

 3) Cadmium

Midway through our list of harmful materials in your computer, Cadmium is commonly found in chip resistors, semi-conductors, infrared detectors, stabilizers, cables and wires. Cadmium can be also found in a coating layer that is installed in the lamp of any computer monitor.

Ingestion, inhalation of the cadmium dust and fumes are definitely the most common and the riskiest ways to be intoxicated with this material. There are several stages of cadmium exposure- the most benign is fever, and the most dangerous is pulmonary edema which can lead to death.

When it comes to environment, cadmium is consider as highly hazard and dangerous. Fossil fuel and its consumption is the most common way when people get in touch with cadmium from environment. Tobacco smoking is the most important single source of cadmium exposure in the general population.

 4) Mercury

Mercury is one of the ingredients that can be found in relays, circuit boards and similar computer components.

Land filling and other incorrect ways of toxic materials are the main cause why this material enters into our environment. Of course, mercury is not only installed into computer components and it can be also found in many other products, such as medical equipment, different types of bulbs, and batteries. Because of its toxicity, people these days try to reduce its use in producing mentioned devices and tools.

5) Lead

Lead is the last on our list of harmful computer materials. Older cathode-ray tube monitors may contain up to eight pounds of lead. Newer LCD and flat-panel monitors typically don’t have this much lead. Other components including circuit board are also made od lead.

In the extreme situations, exposure to lead can cause death, but in most cases, it causes problems with kidneys and brain. In pregnant women, high levels of exposure to lead may cause miscarriage. On the other hand, this material can be one of the main cause of reduced fertility in men. Blood disorders, so as brain complications are also some of the most common consequence of lead intoxications, especially in kids.

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