4 best business desktops to buy in Salford

Office Desktops to Buy

business-desktops-to-buy-in-SalfordA desktop PC [wiki] being used for a business needs to be fast and be capable to what you need it to do, without any hiccups. This is the reason why we have decided to make a list of four best business desktops to buy in Salford, capable to satisfy even the most demanding business tasks.


Business desktops to buy in Salford


Optiplex 390 from Dell

L323 is a starting range for this type of desktop. This comes with a year’s on-site warranty and includes Windows 7 Pro either 32-bit or 64-bit.

When it comes to the processor, the basic model goes with Celeron G460. Here are some features of this great model: dual display support of graphic card (Intel HD Graphics 2000), two threads support and it operates at 1.8GHz with cache of 1.5 MB. Coupled with the standard 2GB dual-channel memory, you’ll still be able to edit your word documents and email away at an alright speed. If you want a faster version of this computer, Dell support ranges up to the Intel Core i5 quad-core processors and 8GB of memory, while warranty support can extend up to five-years.

HP Z420

This is the model that is designed to provide best performances to people who need a device for intense use. If you want power, then the HP Z420 range can offer it. From L1193 you can benefit from running up to eight cores with 20MB of processor cache for serious power. These systems can support up to 64GB of memory and HP can supply a variety of suitable operating systems including 64-bit Windows 7 Pro to take advantage of that.

This model is equipped with some really great features, such as mighty PSU with 90 percent efficiency (600w) so as superb liquid cooling solution that provides operating at optimal temperature for a long time.

Protected as standard with a three-year on-site parts and labour warranty extendible to five, that should give you enough peace of mind when paying out for this type of computing power.

Business PC from Zoostorm (7877-0193)

Good support and value are key areas that you’ll look for when searching for the best business desktop. Zoostorm has been delivering systems that meet those needs for years. This model is also known for its highly quality parts and components that are integrated in the durable PC package and the basic system for business use starts from 7877 range. Prices start from L366.

This mid-level system from the range comes with the second-gen Intel Core i3 2120 3.3GHz processor. So, if you are searching for the machine that will have enough power to enable you to finish your business efficient and fast, with minimum noise and high energy efficiency, then this model should be on your radar. Shipping with 4GB of memory it supports up to 16GB and includes Windows 7 Pro, which means it should fit right into any existing infrastructure.

You will not have any trouble with this reliable and durable model, but just in case, you will get one- year warranty plant that covers all standard issues.

HP Z1 Workstation

This all-in one PC is certainly different to others on the market currently. L1405 is a starting point for HP Z1 and it is equipped with the latest Xeon processor from Intel, and thanks to mighty graphic card (NVidia Quadro 1000M), all users can run all OpenGL professional apps. It’s these high-end options that really help the HP Z1 stand out, even the entry-level model is built around the same impressive 27-inch IPS LED display with its startling 2560×1440 resolution, which makes it perfect for graphic design focussed businesses.

Unlike most all-in-ones HP has made this model entirely serviceable, so it can be opened up, upgraded or self-maintained. In addition, you can adjust its monitor whatever you like by changing the angle of the screen.

The base-model only offers an Intel Core i3 2120 with 2GB of memory, which seems somewhat underwhelming for the price, however it is preinstalled with 64-bit Windows 7 Pro and comes with a reassuring three-year warranty.